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Hello, I’m Ruby

I graduated as a vet in 2017 and since then have taken a slightly less conventional path… For as long as I can remember I have been deeply interested in why people do what they do. In fact, it is applying this question to myself, coupled with my love of horses that brings me to where I am now.

In a world that views mind as separate from body, emotion as an inconvenient conundrum and one in which a crisis of emotional, mental (and dare I say spiritual?) health is occurring, it’s time to start looking for ways to unite these fragmented aspects of ourselves.

Ruby Cox sat in horses field

Sceptical? Just the word ‘holistic’ often sends many rigorous scientific types rolling their eyes and looking for the closest exit. I too belonged to that camp once. However, I’m a curious person and the more I studied myself the more I came to experience that there’s more to me (more to us) than meets the eye. Perhaps science and spirituality, like body and mind, aren’t mutually exclusive after all. If we are to move our lives from an experience where we merely survive, into one where we thrive, we need to start tending to the whole picture of what it is to be human. Interestingly, the horse proves to be a powerful teacher in this regard…

I hope to shed light on how it is the horse can be a powerful teacher in our own growth and development. The implications of this work are vast due to its essential nature being based on relationship. The horse embodies a non-judgemental, reflective presence which provides us with a space to see clearly why we do what we do. This affords us a choice in our responses to our experiences and ultimately the opportunity for real change.

I welcome all comments, questions, thoughts and constructive criticisms on the topics discussed.

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