Weaving together the wisdom of old and the science of new, Horse & Human creates environments which support connection and the emergence of truth through the healing power of the Horse – Human bond.

Why Horses?

Our relationship with the Horse offers us the opportunity for a profound ‘leg-up’ in our own species’ evolution.

These silent giants embody a non-judgemental anchor to the present moment. Unafflicted (and quite frankly uninterested!) in a mind conditioned to leave, they remain rooted in their sensitive bodies, calling us to return to ours and remember our belonging.

Ruby and horse in field together


The Horse’s innate capacity to use the body’s language (emotion) as information leads them to naturally reflect what is occurring in their surroundings. This is a powerful medicine for reconnecting to the original language of the body which holds the map, through the distracting noise of the human-made world, back to wholeness.

Horse galloping in a field

True Power

With a mind immune to human ‘power play’ and a body too large to influence through physical force alone, the Horse calls us to activate an innate – yet often forgotten – quality within us all. In doing so we come to rediscover our true source of power. What is power beneath its connotations of control and ‘power over’, anyway?

Ruby looking at horses in a field


The Horse’s reflective presence provides a space of unconditional acceptance to see clearly why we do what we do. This affords us a choice in how we respond to what we experience. This is the foundation for all real change. As old patterns are cleared, the space opens for who we truly feel ourselves to be to express and lead the way.

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With an acute awareness of our habit to view the world from a human-centric stance, Horse & Human holds the intention to remember the responsibility we have to our silent friends and the natural world and to give back fearlessly in the best way we know.

Ruby Cox sat in horses field

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